January 23, 2015| 2 min read

Log Home Construction Bids - How do Builders Charge?

Sorting out the differences between ‘fixed bid’ and ‘cost plus’. Even if you plan on doing some or ...

December 5, 2014| 1 min read

Is YOUR Log Home Manufacturer a Log Homes Council Member?

Building your dream log home is likely one of the largest investments you will make in your ...

November 20, 2014| 1 min read

The Log Home: An American Dream!

Over the centuries log homes have come a long way. The resurgence in log home construction came in ...

November 13, 2014| 1 min read

Energy Performance of Log Homes

A lot has been written about the energy efficiency of log homes.  When discussing this topic with ...

November 6, 2014| 2 min read

We're MORE Than a Producer of Log Homes!

Most people think of Appalachian Log Structures as a producer of log cabin homes, but we're SO much ...

October 30, 2014| 2 min read

Halloween, Trick or Treat and Appalachian Log Structures

Remember the good old days - when you would put on your home made or store bought costume and walk ...

October 2, 2014| 2 min read

A Fireside Chat about Fireplaces in Log Homes

When speaking with folks about their dream log cabin home the 3 features of the home that they are ...

August 14, 2014| 2 min read

A Company's Legacy of Log Homes

Looking back 22 years ago, my wife and I were putting the finishing touches on our log home and ...

July 16, 2014| 1 min read

Celebrate Log Home Month - Visit our Open House This Weekend

On June 7th 2012, the U.S. House of Representatives formally recognized the log home industry in ...

March 7, 2014| 3 min read

8 Stratagies for Reducing Log Home Construction Costs

  In addition to being a motivation for much of what we do, money is energy. It enables us to go ...

March 8, 2013| 2 min read

Carpenter Bees, Log Homes and Other Exterior Wood Structures

Welcome Spring!  With such a light winter in the South this year it seems that the carpenter bees ...

July 27, 2012| 1 min read

A Company’s Legacy of Log Home Living

Looking back 20 years ago next month, my wife and I were putting the finishing touches on our log ...

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