January 9, 2015| 1 min read

NC Log Home Owners use Strategic Planning

Good strategy, communication, vision and hard work eventually pay off for two homeowners who used ...

September 26, 2014| 2 min read

One Size Does NOT Fit All - Choosing the Log Home Right For You!

Not everyone has the same wants and needs when deciding on what size log home to build.  It is a ...

September 12, 2014| 3 min read

Investing in a Log Home - Quality, Service, Value or Price?

Over the past 20 years I've been blessed to assist hundreds of people in realizing their dream of ...

August 14, 2014| 2 min read

A Company's Legacy of Log Homes

Looking back 22 years ago, my wife and I were putting the finishing touches on our log home and ...

August 1, 2014| 3 min read

Where in the World is Appalachian Log Structures?

Since 1979 we've been manufacturing and pressure treating quality log homes and log home building ...

July 16, 2014| 1 min read

Celebrate Log Home Month - Visit our Open House This Weekend

On June 7th 2012, the U.S. House of Representatives formally recognized the log home industry in ...

June 6, 2014| 1 min read

Choosing a General Contractor for your Log Home Project - Step #8

Unless you are building your dream log cabin yourself, you will be speaking with and interviewing ...

May 29, 2014| 1 min read

Log Home Construction Costs - Step #7 in Planning for Success

Now that you’ve got your floor plans drawn by your log home manufacturer, you can start gathering ...

May 22, 2014| 1 min read

Purchase Log Home Floor Plans - Step #6 in Planning for Success

Assuming that you have progressed through the first 5 steps in the Successful Planning series you ...

May 8, 2014| 1 min read

Timelines for Your New Log Home - Step #5 in Planning for Success

Some folks will set a date that they want to be moved in to their new log home like Christmas, ...

April 4, 2014| 1 min read

Log Home Building Budget - Step #2 in Planning for Success

Planning is the KEY to a successful log home building project. Last time we reviewed the first of ...

March 28, 2014| 1 min read

Building A Log Home - Research is #1 Key to Planning Success

Part 1 of a 10 part series.... It’s true. Planning is the most time-consuming and important part of ...

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