January 23, 2015| 2 min read

Log Home Construction Bids - How do Builders Charge?

Sorting out the differences between ‘fixed bid’ and ‘cost plus’. Even if you plan on doing some or ...

January 16, 2015| 6 min read

What's New in Heating and Cooling Technologies for Log Homes

From a recent post on the Log Home Council's Web page - another great and timely article that is ...

January 2, 2015| 4 min read

8 Ways to Stick to Your Log Home Building/Remodeling Budget

Recently I ran across this blog on houzz.com (written by Bud Dietrich, AIA) and thought it was very ...

November 13, 2014| 1 min read

Energy Performance of Log Homes

A lot has been written about the energy efficiency of log homes.  When discussing this topic with ...

October 2, 2014| 2 min read

A Fireside Chat about Fireplaces in Log Homes

When speaking with folks about their dream log cabin home the 3 features of the home that they are ...

September 26, 2014| 2 min read

One Size Does NOT Fit All - Choosing the Log Home Right For You!

Not everyone has the same wants and needs when deciding on what size log home to build.  It is a ...

September 12, 2014| 3 min read

Investing in a Log Home - Quality, Service, Value or Price?

Over the past 20 years I've been blessed to assist hundreds of people in realizing their dream of ...

August 29, 2014| 3 min read

How Log Homes Meet GREEN Building Guidelines

Here is an article from the Log Homes Council website that reviews the GREEN advantages of log home ...

August 22, 2014| 2 min read

Saving Money on Your Log Home with the ClearTreat Process!

How much does a borate pressure treated log home really save you? To answer that question you have ...

August 14, 2014| 2 min read

A Company's Legacy of Log Homes

Looking back 22 years ago, my wife and I were putting the finishing touches on our log home and ...

August 8, 2014| 3 min read

Log Home Living - Safe in ANY Storm!

People often ask me what the advantages are of living in a log cabin home. Because I lived in ...

August 1, 2014| 3 min read

Where in the World is Appalachian Log Structures?

Since 1979 we've been manufacturing and pressure treating quality log homes and log home building ...

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