July 13, 2017| 1 min read

Step #6 in Planning for Success - Purchasing Floor plans

By Donald Parsons

    Assuming that you have progressed through the first 5 steps in the Successful Planning series; ...

June 28, 2017| 1 min read

Step #5 - Timelines for Building a Log Home

By Donald Parsons

Some folks like to set a date that they want to be moved in to their new log home like Christmas, ...

April 24, 2017| 2 min read

The Mountains are Calling: 5 Ideas for Your Next Trip to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge (Bonus: 2 Ways to Help Recovery Efforts from Home)

  "A lot of people come in and they believe there may not be a Gatlinburg at all to come to. A lot ...

April 13, 2017| 3 min read

The Help You Need for Long-term Wildfire Recovery in Sevier County

By Donald Parsons
Sevier County, wildfire recovery

Photo credit: Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean   Spend a few minutes reading about the effects of ...

April 4, 2017| 3 min read

Sevierville Home Show Answers Your Questions and More

By Dorie Workman
dream log cabin, log home shows

  March’s Log and Timber Home Show in Sevierville was about turning log home dreams into reality. ...

March 30, 2017| 4 min read

How Much Per Square Foot Does it Cost to Build a Log Home?

By Donald Parsons

WOW - what a loaded question and one that is virtually impossible to answer in just a few minutes. ...

March 15, 2017| 2 min read

Sevier Rebuild? Learn While Saving Time and Money at the Log and Timber Home Show

By Donald Parsons
log home shows, log home rebuild

  If you’re rebuilding or remodeling, do you know all of your choices?  Exhibits and workshops at ...

March 6, 2017| 4 min read

9 Critical Considerations when Rebuilding

Rebuilding, whether due to a natural disaster, a need for more space or something else, leads to ...

February 27, 2017| 4 min read

Rebuilding After a Disaster: 22 Strategies for Choosing the Right Contractor

By Donald Parsons
contractors, rebuild

Fires, floods and catastrophic storms call for preparation. But even with precautions in place, ...

February 9, 2017| 1 min read

Step #4 in Planning for Success - Designing Your New Log Home

By Donald Parsons

Step #4 in the Successful Planning series is Designing Your Log Home. What style of home are you ...

February 2, 2017| 1 min read

Step #3 in Planning For Success - A Perfect Log Home Setting

By Donald Parsons

Having a successful log home building project requires lots of planning. Last time we discussed the ...

January 25, 2017| 1 min read

Step #2 in Planning for Success - Establishing a Realistic Budget

By Donald Parsons

Planning is the KEY to a successful log home building project. Last time we reviewed the first of ...

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