February 22, 2018| 4 min read

16 Valuable Secrets to Affordable Log Home Designs

By Donald Parsons

You Can Create Your Dream Home for Less! It’s a rare these days to hear the phrase “money is no ...

January 24, 2018| 4 min read

8 Suggestions on How To Stick to your Log Home Build/Remodel Project

By Donald Parsons

Recently I ran across this blog on houzz.com (written by Bud Dietrich, AIA) and thought it was very ...

December 7, 2017| 4 min read

Log Homes throughout the centuries.

By Donald Parsons

The origin of the log structure is uncertain. It is probable that it began in northern Europe ...

December 1, 2017| 1 min read

Step 10 - Ordering Your Log Home Package

By Donald Parsons

Now that you've successfully completed the previous 9 steps in Planning a Successful Log Home ...

October 19, 2017| 1 min read

Step 9 - Log Home Construction Loan Application

By Donald Parsons

This step can take some time to complete and will take some patience.  There are several items that ...

October 6, 2017| 1 min read

Step #8 - Choosing a General Contractor for your Log Home Project -

By Donald Parsons

Unless you are building your dream log cabin yourself, you will be speaking with, and interviewing ...

September 21, 2017| 8 min read

The Landscape of Log Home Lending

By Donald Parsons

More and more articles are appearing in various media regarding the process of obtaining financing ...

August 24, 2017| 7 min read

Using Borates to Protect the Investment made in Your Log Home.

By Donald Parsons

  Thought we would share a great article written by a log home owner who also sells products that ...

August 15, 2017| 6 min read

Metal vs Shingle - Things to consider for your Log Home Roofing Solutions

By Donald Parsons

Ran across an interesting article (see below) in www.builderonline.com that may interest many of ...

August 10, 2017| 1 min read

Step #7 - Estimating Log Home Construction Costs

By Donald Parsons

  Now that you’ve got your floor plans drawn by your log home manufacturer, you can start gathering ...

July 13, 2017| 1 min read

Step #6 in Planning for Success - Purchasing Floor plans

By Donald Parsons

    Assuming that you have progressed through the first 5 steps in the Successful Planning series; ...

June 28, 2017| 1 min read

Step #5 - Timelines for Building a Log Home

By Donald Parsons

Some folks like to set a date that they want to be moved in to their new log home like Christmas, ...

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