November 19, 2018| 2 min read

Our Coziest Cabins Under 2,000 Square Feet

By Dorie Workman

Do you dream of blue skies and mountain air? Are you looking for a home that is far removed from ...

September 25, 2018| 1 min read

6 Tips to help Winterize your log home

By Dorie Workman

As temperatures begin to fall, your log home will weather the winter better if you follow a few ...

April 4, 2017| 3 min read

Sevierville Home Show Answers Your Questions and More

By Dorie Workman
dream log cabin, log home shows

  March’s Log and Timber Home Show in Sevierville was about turning log home dreams into reality. ...

June 11, 2015| 1 min read

A Perfect Log Home Setting - Step #3 in Planning For Success

By Dorie Workman

Having a successful log home building project requires lots of planning. Last time we discussed the ...

June 5, 2015| 1 min read

Log Home Building Budget - Step #2 in Planning for Success

By Dorie Workman

Planning is the KEY to a successful log home building project. Last time we reviewed the first of ...

May 22, 2015| 2 min read

Building A Log Home - Research is #1 Key to Planning Success

By Dorie Workman

Part 1 of a 10 part series.... It’s true. Planning is the most time-consuming and important part of ...

May 11, 2015| 3 min read

Different Paths to Building your Dream Log Home

By Dorie Workman

It’s rare these days to hear the phrase, “money is no object.” In this new economic climate, we’re ...

April 23, 2015| 2 min read

11 Ideas for Cooking up the Perfect Kitchen for your Dream Log Home

By Dorie Workman

Log homes are renowned for their informality. Mealtime is no exception. The question is where to ...

April 10, 2015| 4 min read

How to Choose a Builder for Your Dream Log Home

By Dorie Workman

Finding the right building professional to turn your dream of log home living into reality will ...

March 26, 2015| 3 min read

8 Strategies for Reducing Log Home Construction Costs

By Dorie Workman

  In addition to being a motivation for much of what we do, money is energy. It enables us to go ...

March 13, 2015| 3 min read

10 Simple Ways to Save Energy and "Green" your Log Home

By Dorie Workman

Adopting a “green” philosophy is easier than you think and it does not require wind turbines, solar ...

March 5, 2015| 4 min read

16 Secrets of Affordable Log Home Design!

By Dorie Workman

You Can Create Your Dream Home for Less! It’s a rare these days to hear the phrase “money is no ...

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