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Does Size Really Matter? How thick are your Log Home walls?


log cabin kit logIs 6 inches really 6 inches?  Is 8 inches really 8 inches?  When discussing how thick you want the log wall to be in your dream log cabin home, you'll hear lots of different opinions on what should be used or what is required for you to use when building.  Keep in mind the following two terms, Nominal and Actual.  Nominal dimensions are common in the wood/lumber industry.  When purchasing a 2x4 at a home store you are purchasing a "Nominal" piece of lumber that "Actually" measures 1.5 inch x 3.5 inch.  The same goes for logs in your log home.  Where most manufactures advertise a 6 inch or 8 inch thick log, what actually arrives at your job site is something a bit smaller.  Disappointed?  Well we can certainally understand why - it happens to a lot of folks.

At Appalachina Log Structures we offer ACTUAL thickness' in our borate pressure treated log walls.  You get every inch you expected - and PAID for!  And with the extra wood that is included (about 12% more wood in the entire wall) that means you are also getting added insulation as well - WHAT A VALUE!  Thicker logs and more insulation - what more could you ask for?  Different shapes of logs and different corner styles - we have that as well.

When searching for the manufacturer of your dream log home keep us in mind.  We offer a lot more than the competition - for the same (or sometimes lower) price.

Quality, Value and Service all at great Price!


That's a great point. Wall thickness is important. We are all environmentally aware now, and log cabin makers are emphasising greatly on wall insulation and other energy aware materials. 
The wood of walls are a great insulator also.
Posted @ Monday, February 13, 2012 5:15 AM by Log Cabins South West
Not only is wall thickness important, but for those who are truly environmentally aware - the pressure treating of the wood with borates is highly recommended. This organic preservative/insecticide is a natural product that protects the wood from decay and wood ingesting insects. No chemicals, no expensive wood species, but a real solution to a real problem. Thank you for your comments and we hope you will continue to check back and read our blogs.
Posted @ Wednesday, February 15, 2012 1:40 PM by Appalachian Log Structures
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