As pioneers in the science of wood preservation, we remain one of the industry’s leading manufacturers to offer guaranteed benefits for a log home which has been through the  borate pressure treatment process.

ClearTreat-Borate™ has been called the wood-preservation treatment for the future, meaning that in addition to being very effective, it’s also very kind to the environment. Borates are proven to be safe and reliable and it makes sense that they form the basis for our most effective wood preservation treatment. Plus, we can claim first place status in regard to this treatment because we were the first log home company in the industry to pressure treat with this benign natural mineral. Our borate pressure treatment forces the natural mineral deep into the wood, where it continues to diffuse, assuring that the log walls are protected.

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The best way to ward off decay and wood-digesting pests is the ALSI way. By utilizing high pressure in a special chamber, the cut and notched logs are treated to a high-impact “bath” that forces the solution into the very core of the wood. After the pressure treatment, the wood retains its natural beauty yet is now resistant to rot, fungi and wood-digesting pests.

With ClearTreat-Borate pressure treatment, ALSI provides a five-year warranty against wood-digesting insects and decay that may be extended to provide a 25-year warranty when you apply an exterior wood sealer on a scheduled basis. These exterior stains and water repellents protect the wood and enhance the long-term beauty of your home by protecting the surface against water and from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Your first application of sealer is included in the Premier Building System.

 Now Offering Kiln Dried Logs!

Our optional kiln drying process will help stabilize the wood and reduce shrinkage.  Kiln dried wood will weigh less as some of the moisture will have been removed in the drying process. Although the kiln drying process will sanitize the wood initially, it will not prevent rot, decay or wood digesting insects from returning.  In addition to a stain/sealer, a wood preservative will need to be applied at regular intervals to prevent these occurrences.