Predesigned Full Log Garages

Every elegant log cabin home should be complemented by an equally attractive accompanying garage. Prefabricated log garages offer a level of versatility that make them a worthy investment for any new homeowner. What starts off as a carport can easily be changed to a guest room or rental unit at any stage of its life cycle.

Unfortunately, garages are often considered as an afterthought. Appalachian Log Structures offers seven distinct floor plans for log garages that can be used as attached or stand-alone structures. Our predesigned garage units are specifically designed to complement the style of our standard log homes, or can be tailored to match your current log cabin style. 

Garages to suit your needs.

28 x 42 GARAGE

Garages to suit your needs.


Garages to suit your needs.


Garages to suit your needs.

24 x 24 GARAGE


 Garage Cottage II

Garages to suit your needs.

24 X 30 GARAGE


Garages to suit your needs.

24 X 32 GARAGE


Log Cabin Garage Designs

Our standard two- and three-bay garage kits are available in predesigned configurations that are ideal for:

  • Carports. Wide dual bay garage doors accommodate vehicles ranging from minivans to utility vehicles.
  • Workshops/Tool and Material Storage. Obstruction-free internal spans are perfect for busy workshops and storage spaces.
  • Rental Units and Guest Rooms. Aesthetically pleasing White Pine finishes and twin dormer units recreate an old world rustic charm that makes for an attractive rental space.
  • Vacation Cottages. Create unforgettable memories in our small and cozy garage cottage layouts complete with living amenities.

As with our log home kits, our qualified in-house consultants can modify all predesigned full log garage floor plans, or create customized construction drawings to meet your individual requirements.