SNOW REALTY AND CONSTRUCTION, INC. is owned by Aldean and Penny Snow.  Aldean started selling log home packages in 1987.  In 1990 Aldean and Penny were married, and both started a real estate career in Fancy Gap, Va. Aldean started contracting the construction of the log homes he sold.  The construction business operated out of the basement of their Appalachian Log Structures home which also served as a model home.  The construction of the current Fancy Gap office/model was started in 1993 and completed in early 1994.  SNOW REALTY AND CONSTRUCTION was formed, and the new log home model/office was open for business in March 1994.

Also in 1993 and 1994, David and Sarah Snow were born, so those were very exciting years. In 1998 the Snow Family moved back to North Carolina where Aldean and Penny were from originally. In October 2000, the North Carolina log home office/model was completed and opened as a model home. In the spring of 2001, SNOW REALTY AND CONSTRUCTION, INC obtained a North Carolina real estate license and began selling real estate in North Carolina as well as Virginia.

SNOW REALTY AND CONSTRUCTION offers residential construction services and real estate brokerage in North Carolina and Virginia. We offer turn key construction or dry in of Appalachian Log Structures and conventional built homes at competitive prices. We have built over 150 homes since 1987. Most of these we have built on a turn key contract basis. We are a stable well established company that you can depend on to build a quality level. We can guide you through your building project from design to landscaping. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you where you are looking for an economical first home or an elaborate second home.

We are a full service real estate company in NC and VA.  We believe our real estate strength lies in the wide range of properties we offer buyers in terms of geography, price, primary homes, secondary homes, and land.  One unique strength we offer our listing customers, is the ability to expose your property to more buyers in NC and VA through our two locations and our full color brochure which we distribute over 7 counties as well as our extensive internet exposure.

Shortly after we started selling log homes in 1987, we switched to Appalachian Log Structures because we thought it was a better product.  Many years later, we are even more convinced Appalachian Log Structures (ALSI) is the best log home on the market. We could represent any log home company, but we honestly believe ALSI is the best product and the best value for the money.

ALSI has many exclusive features such as pressure treated logs with a 25 year warranty against wood digesting insects such as termites or the ALSI engineering design to allow for shrinkage and settling which included spring loaded through bolts.

Our company has built our construction business on the idea of producing a better quality log home at a fair price. Because we build superior quality log homes our business has grown steadily over the years.

Most of the log homes we sell are slightly over $125 psf; however, we can build high quality log homes for under $100 psf. These are still better quality than most of our competition. Please allow me to sit down with you and explain the different quality levels so you can make an informed decision.  After we discuss the different options, we can build to the quality level and price that you choose.

We are better known for building high quality log homes because we have been doing that longer, but we also custom build conventional homes. We offer price/quality levels for almost any buyer. If you want to self contract your job, we can help you do that and show you how to save thousands more.

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In North Carolina: 2047 Hwy 21 North State Road, NC 28676
PO Box 369 State Road, NC 28676
Phone: 336-874-8282 Fax: 336-874-8285
Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 9am -5pm