In 1949 I started in the building trade. After serving in the US Army, I re-entered the residential construction industry in 1956 concentrating more on custom-built frame homes. Buchanan Builders was founded in 1960 and incorporated in 1972.

I became involved with log home construction in 1981 after a client approached me and was determined to have one built for him. At the time, my conception of log homes was that of a "log cabin" which meant cheap, low quality construction. Due to the past problems associated with log homes (wood decay, insect infestation, air and water infiltration) I had no desire to construct a house made from logs. My client however was not to be dissuaded and so I began an in-depth investigation of available log home manufacturers. APPALACHIAN LOG STRUCTURES (ALSI) stood out in my search as they provided a warrantee against decay and wood digesting insects. This was the product that addressed my main concerns with log home construction. After reviewing their building system, my other concerns about air and water infiltration were also quickly eliminated.

Based on this extensive research my client purchased a log home from ALSI and I constructed my first log home. The interior of the home was completed during winter months, which allowed me first-hand to experience the superior energy efficiency of log structures. Upon completion of the construction, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the ALSI product and was confident that I could utilize their product in my construction business without compromising my high standards and unblemished reputation.

In 1982 I became an ALSI Independent Representative and have never looked back. In 1984 I built our model home, which is located in southern Tazewell County, near Cedar Bluff, VA. In 1992 my involvement with ALSI expanded to include providing some of the "start-up" technical services that ALSI includes with pre-cut houses. Providing this valuable assistance has taken me to virtually every state on the entire Eastern seaboard as well as other states in the US and countries abroad.

Currently I conduct the afternoon session of the Seminar & Plant Tours that are held at ALSI's manufacturing facility in Princeton, WV. This is where you will find me giving a tour of the facility and end with a "hands-on" building demonstration that illustrates how the ALSI log wall system goes together.

In the fall of 2002, I closed the construction services of Buchanan Builders however I continue to promote and market the ALSI product through my independent representation with them. I also continue to provide some of ALSI's customers the technical services that are included with each pre-cut log home package.

To schedule a visit to my model home in Cedar Bluff, VA or to discuss your log home plans, please contact me at either the phone number or email address listed on this web page. In the meantime, use the link provided to take a short "virtual" tour of some homes I have sold and/or built over the past 22 years.


2248 Upper Valley Road
Tazewell, VA 24651
(276) 988-0079

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