A Variety of Linear Foot Log Cabin Kits,
High Quality, Flexible Design!

All logs meet or exceed recognized structural grading standards of ASTM-D3957.
Logs are sold by the linear foot and shipped in random lengths
to be cut and fit at your job site.

 Save $$ on Linear Foot Log Cabin Kits


Log Kit
Kiln Dried

Log Kit
Borate PT

Hardware Package

































Log Cabin Kit features Linear Foot Eastern White Pine 6X8 D-Logs, ASTM Grade Stamped Log Wall 40. Available in Kiln Dried or Borate Pressure Treated. Kiln Dried Logs are 5 ½” thick, Borate Logs are a full 6” thick. Priced with 14 courses = 8’5” wall height. Corner notches and door/window openings to be cut on the jobsite or we can price pre-cut corners as an Option. Other size Log Kits are available.

Hardware package includes caulk, gasket and 9” Log Home screws.

Also available: structural beams for loft or roof system, 2x6 tongue and groove, Precut log corners, 1” trim lumber, exterior/interior log siding for gable ends, Rigid Foam insulation (3” @ R-19). Call 1-866-LOG-HOME for current pricing.