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Building A Log Home - Research is #1 Key to Planning Success

Posted on Fri, May 22, 2015 @ 11:30 AM

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Part 1 of a 10 part series....

It’s true. Planning is the most time-consuming and important part of building a log home. Over the next few weeks we will be reviewing ten steps that will bring you closer to making your best move yet!

Step #1 – RESEARCH. Magazines, books, web pages, seminars, factory tours/visits, etc are all excellent ways to start your research. Look at the different shapes, sizes and corner styles that are offered and determine which one(s) you like best. How do you want your log home building materials manufactured, in random length, where you/your builder cut and fits the product at the job site, or pre-cut where product arrives ready to be assembled (or maybe a little of both)? What building materials do you want in your log home kit? How is the wood protected from wood digesting insects and decay? Does the log home manufacturer offer a warranty against decay? Are the building components grade-stamped to meet local building codes?

These are just a sample of the many questions our homeowners asked us before investing in an Appalachian Log Structures Inc. material package. They also tell us that this is the step they spent the most time doing, taking up to 12 months to gather, study and finally decide on a manufacturer. By choosing your log home manufacturer as early in the process as possible, you’ll save time and effort as you continue to take the rest of the steps.

As you gather information during this research stage, keep a file (electronic or otherwise) and consider making sub-folders for every room in your house.  As you come across photos or articles that are of particular interest for your Master Bedroom, Great Room, Kitchen, etc., insert these items into their respective folder so they are easily accessible.  When the time comes to actually design your home, these ideas are handy.  Some clients tell me they use Pinterest or Instagram to keep their "dream log home" photos in.

Reading blogs (like this one) is another great way to learn more about building a log home or do some general research on log homes in general.  Another good resource is the Log Home Council's library which offer several articles full of timely ideas and great insights.  These articles are written by industry professionals and are not geared to be a "sales presentation", but offering facts about building and living in a log or timber frame home.

When you have questions or if you're ready to get started on your log home project, call your local Log Home Building Consultants. We’re here to assist you along the way and be another resource in your research.

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Next time: Step #2 – Prequalify and Establishing a Budget.