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More than just Log Homes!

Posted on Fri, Mar 15, 2013 @ 01:46 PM

Although we've blogged before that we do more than just log homes, I thought you might like to see and read about some of the projects we've been working on this year that are more than just log homes.

log trail shelterA few years ago our Arkansas Independent Representative, Jerry Allensworth, was approached by the Friends of the Ouachita Trail (FoOT) about some shelters they were looking to construct along the 233 miles of walking trails through Oklahoma and Arkansas.  These 3-sided shelters are open in the front for easy access for hikers and their equipment.  Offering basic shelters to first-come, first-served outdoor enthusiasts these structures offer a place to rest, slog trail shelterleep and cook some food while enjoying a leisurely walk along all or just part of the trail.  Recently through fund raising events and a grant, a total of 12 new shelters will be built along this trail to add to the existing shelters that were previously built. Previous shelters used cedar logs, however with cedar being so expensive these days they looked for a good alternative.  Using Appalachian's Borate pressure treated materials - they found it offered all the benefits of cedar but also offered significant savings on the investment. Working with the US Forestry Service to approve the design and the sites where they will be located, the project finally got off the ground this year.  The first three shelters were delivered a few weeks ago and the first shelter is already built.  Using all volunteer staff to construct these shelters, it's quite a project and one that we are proud and honored to be chosen for.

Log Trail CabinAlso, in the fall of last year we were awarded a contract to construct and deliver 6 of our Trail Cabins for use at a campground in West Virginia.  These log cabins use our 4"x8" logs and are designed to be built on a wooden platform similar to a sub floor so they may be picked and moved.  Designed for campgrounds, back yards, storage building, man-rooms, hobby houses or other small areas that may be remote,sportsman log trail cabin we offer these in both a pre-built ready to ship and use OR un-assembled so you can buillt it yourself.  Like the rest of Appalachian Log Structures materials, the logs are pressure treated with Borates to offer long lasting protection against wood digesting insects and decay.  A definate benefit when clients are looking for long term protection without a lot of maintenance.  These cabins will be ready for rental this summer and I'm sure the family's renting them will appreciate their beauty as well as their uniqueness.

If you have a project that is not necessarily a residential log structure don't forget to think of Appalachian Log Structures when considering who to contact with your ideas.  We've done all types of commercial structures as well as cabins and shelters so keep us in mind for these special projects.  We're ready to hear what you have dreamed up!

For more photos of both the trail shelters and cabins visit our facebook page and view the albums there.  We'll keep them updated as our partners send us their photos.

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