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Learn More about your Log Home Manufacturer

Posted on Sat, Sep 1, 2012 @ 01:50 PM

Log Home Plant TourWhat better way to learn more about the log home manufacturer you are considering doing business with than to make a personal visit to their manufacturing facility.

By doing this you accomplish two important things; (1) Making sure that they actually own and operate the mill (not just brokering your log home materials from another manufacturer) and (2) Meeting face to face with your Log Home Consultant and/or other Senior Staff.

At Appalachian Log Structures we encourage clients to attend one of our Plant/Tour Seminars that are held in Princeton, WV four times a year.  These Saturday events have been well received and attended over the past 15+ years.  The feed back we get from the folks that visited with us has been very positive and that they learned a lot more about the project they were about to undertake. 

The workbook and information that is shared during the day is valueable and the hands-on experience for those considering building their own log home is very insightful.  Even those folks who are hiring someone else to install their log home building materials get a better understanding of the process that will be taking place.

In addition to learning more about Appalachian Log Structures, the materials we have to choose from and the advantages of building a borate pressure treated log home, you also get to share your hopes, dreams and ideas with other folks just like yourself!

This fall we are offering these events on Saturday September 29 and Saturday November 3.  A lot of attendees plan to combine a trip to our Headquarters in Ripley, WV on Friday afternoon then travel to Princeton and spend the night in preparation for the Saturday seminar/tour.

Since there are a limited number of seats please be sure to call us (800-280-2574) to register as far in advance as possible.  You may also contact your Local Sales Consultant to find out more about these events.

We hope to see you at one of these events in the near future and look forward to working with you to accomplish your dream log home!

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