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Posted on Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 03:37 PM

log home cell structure


Craig Wilger, Certified Building Biology Environmental  Consultant and Chemical/Environmental Engineer wrote the following after a visit to our log home model in Ripley, WV.

Briefly, the aspects of log homes that make them so attractive are as follows: 

1.   They incorporate in large part, natural and unadulterated building materials from a renewable source that is many times, very near to the building site.
2.   Wood by its nature is "hygroscopic" meaning it has the ability to absorb moisture and then release it to the indoor environment, thus providing an even relative humidity for the occupants - a health promoting property.
3.   The natural wood surfaces minimizes the adsorption of ionic charges in the air thus making them available to remove particulates by agglomeration and increasing the absorption of oxygen into the blood (negative ions particularly).
4.   The thermal mass of a log home retains heat and thus provides a relatively stable indoor temperature.
5.   Wood has good sound absorbing properties and a pleasing natural     appearance and color.
6.   Log structures have relatively good thermal insulation properties.
7.   The transmission of natural earth and cosmic radiations that human beings have evolved under are disturbed to a lesser degree by natural wood materials.
8.   Wood materials are recyclable and therefore ecologically sound.

"Aside from these very positive aspects of the log homes you provide, they simply look and feel terrific!  That alone is very uplifting to the entire human being and promotes optimal health. The additional fact that your company pressure treats the logs with a borate solution makes them pest and mold resistant and more fire resistant as well."  Environmentally friendly and a beautiful natural appearance. Everything a new home should provide for a lifetime of memories.

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